2500 unique Bats
who need adoption

The FantomSquad is a collection of 2500
Bats with hundreds of elements
inspired by daily life, mythology,
History and much more

Each Squadmember is unique with their
own combination of elements
giving each bat their own personal story


This roadmap shows our goals. We have a lot of ideas and concepts
that we are developing. Together with our community we want to create
a metaverse for all to enjoy and prosper in.

Thanks for your support!


The goal is to create a strong and diverse multiverse that we can build upon. New traits are being designed and added to the collection. Rarity criteria as well as new concepts are currently in development.
The release date will be announced as soon as the projects completes quality control and test phases of development.
We will be working hard with our community to build a strong colony that will act as a springboard for FantomSquad and foundation for future projects.


Whitelist access for the first 25% of NFT holders


The Squad should be rewarded for their collective efforts


Start of the development of the Fantom Squad expansions We think it's important to build on top of the base collection to give increased value to the project. After the launch of our base Squad, we want to expand with expansions collections. Our aim is to create a universe of various themed collections that can be intertwined in the future. Current holders will be able to get first access to these collections. Various sneak peaks have been included in the base set. Lore for our universe will also be further developed.


As creators ourselves we find it important to support other creators/artists. To add to the growth and expansion of the projects colllection, small and large NFT artists will be invited to collaborate with FantomSquad to create small
Limited Edition Collections of which all profits will go to the featured artists.


When FantomSquad reaches 100% SOLD OUT, our design team will move forward with the creation of expansion collections to build the multiverse.
Our main artist has experience in 3D, games and has a passion for everything visual.
Expect some more artistic projects with exclusive NFTs and other benefits for all holders of the Fantom Squad NFTs.

FantomSquad has partnered up with Diversifi token.
Diversifi is a token that rewards you in multiple ways
and offers you access to all of your favorite Fantom projects.
The Squad will be supporting Diversifi with a % of the sales

Who are we?

Creative Team

Hi, the lead artist on this project Indy D. is a visual artist focused on concept art and 3D Art. he has been working in the gaming industry as a concept artist and in the commerial industry as a consultant for start-ups is looking to push himself in new creative ways. An A team has been put together to market and develop the project. We are looking forward to the the future of NFT’s as they are inevitably the future of digital art.

Indy D.

NFT Artworks


NFT Projects


FantomSquad Discord is growing members everyday
Join us to get the news as soon as possible
and follow our latest announcements


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